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Furine's External Faecal Catheter

Innovation with focus on the patient 

With a clear focus on the security, dignity and quality of life of the patient, Furine has developped the first non-invasive faecal catheter on the market. It is now possible, with Furines External Faecal Catheter, to experience new advantages in handling faecal oozing.

Read more about advantages and possibilities with Furines External Catheter in this brochure.


Product Description

Read a brief description of Furine's External Faecal Catheter system, with focus on the Medical Skin Wipe, the Faecal Collection Bag and the External Faecal Catheter itself.

Q & A brochure

Are you experiencing any challenges when handling Furines External Faecal Catheter?

This brochure describes the typical challenges that may arise, when handling Furines External Faecal Catheter.