About us

Furine is a Danish company that develops disposable medical devices primarily for faecal incontinence.

The safety and comfort of the patient is of utmost importance to Furine. It is our goal to improve the quality of life for persons struggling with faecal incontinence. Furthermore, we wish to ease the daily workload for healthcare givers.

Furine products are innovative, secure, skin friendly and discrete.

Furine ApS was founded in 2016 by Brian T. Nielsen and Helene K. Hjenner.

Furine has developed External Faecal Catheter, which is the first non-invasive faecal catheter on the market, that collects liquid, oozing stool (Bristol Stool Scale type 6 and 7).

External Faecal Catheter is designed with an anatomically formed adhesive surface, that is attached to the perianal skin. The catheter is connected to a Faecal Collection Bag that is attached to the bedside.